It’s been long predicted, but the time has finally come when whole-home systems can provide a network to allow the electronic features and fixtures of your home to talk to one another. Often a family’s first such network involves controlling and sharing subscription services for movies, TV, and music among personal devices.
Smart home hubs are the next logical step beyond streaming services. They provide instant communication between household utilities. It is now possible to connect a single master control to automate decisions on your behalf regarding security, HVAC, plumbing, lighting, media and entertainment – and even monitor diet, physical activity, and personal health. 

The result is greater efficiencies and less environmental impact. This connectivity will only get more advanced with the purchase of new appliances. Your next refrigerator or stove could be capable of reading product labels, providing recipes according to the food you have on hand, planning meals, cooking, and ordering groceries.

With the convenience smart technology can add to your life and the potential increase in home value, investing in smart home technology is naturally a smart choice.