So you found the home of your dreams and the keys are in your hand! That means there’s one final thing. Moving. Though getting a new home is exciting, the thought of the moving process is often majorly stress inducing. The best way the make the move as smooth as possible is to be prepared! To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of useful tips, info, and advice! Good luck!

Best Common Advice

  1. Are you planning on hiring a professional moving service? If so, make sure you book early! Two to four weeks in advance is ideal. If you wait until the last minute, there may not be an opening on the day you want to move!
  2. Get those vehicles! If you’re not working with a moving company and instead opting to do the work yourself, make sure you have the proper vehicles. Call and reserve any moving trucks you may need in advance, and do a tally of all your friends and family who will be helping so you can estimate exactly how many vehicles will be available to help transport your belongings. The goal is to minimize the time and number of trips necessary!
  3. If you’re working with professional movers, make sure you do your research! How is the company rated? Do they drug check their employees? What’s moving insurance cover? Don’t be shy about asking questions!
  4. Make sure you know what types of items the moving company will not move. Some laws prohibit moving companies to transport certain hazardous materials, so things like your grill or lawnmower may be out of the question.

Is it Worth Hiring a Professional Moving Company?

Odds are, unless you’re doing a relatively small, local move, then yes, it is worth it! Moving is both a mentally and physically draining activity and having trained professionals in the mix can make your life so much easier. Not only are you spared the physical strain, but you will also find the process much quicker and more organized than if you did the move yourself. Not to mention the practicality of long distance moves.

Moving as a Family or Single?

Whether you’re just moving yourself, or a group of individuals will make a rather large difference. If you’re moving alone, that means far less stuff to move. Though more convenient, as a single mover you are far less likely to require a moving company. Whereas a family means more stuff, more things to keep track of, and more confusion! By far, the moving process is much easier for families when a good moving company is hired.

Unpacking and Settling In

Once you’re done with the physical move, it’s time to begin unpacking. For many, this is just as stressful! But believe it or not there are ways to make unpacking far less taxing!

  1. Get started ASAP. It’s tempting to live out of boxes for a while, just leaving things where they are, but the sooner you begin putting things away, the less stressed you’ll be, and the more like home your new house will feel!
  2. Moving is a great time to downsize! Want to kill two birds with one stone? Make sure to have some bags and boxes at hand so you can pull aside things you want to toss or donate while you work through your boxes!
  3. If possible, have family or friends over while you work! Having someone to chat with can keep your mind off the task and make the work much easier!
  4. Make sure that when you pack your items up before the move, you put the belongings to each room in like boxes. Kitchen items in the kitchen boxes, so in. Organization will make the unpacking process far less of a nightmare!
  5. Focus on one room at a time. Rather than randomly going through all of your boxes, pick the ones associate with a single room and work through it before moving on to another. Start with rooms you’ll need the most, such as your kitchen and bedroom!

We hope these tips have been helpful for you! We wish you all the luck in settling into your new home!

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