Unless you’re in a seller’s market where you can expect many offers, quickly, it might make sense to get a pre-sale home inspection.
It can give your listing a competitive advantage.

What is it? It’s simply a professional inspection you get done on your own home. Assuming only a few inconsequential issues are identified, the passed inspection becomes an appealing selling feature of your listing. Buyers are likely to be more confident in making an offer when they know an inspection has been done.

What happens if an inspection reveals a concern?

Well, that issue would likely have been discovered by the buyer’s inspection anyway. At that point it could cause a potential problem with the deal. Now you can be proactive. You can either get the issue fixed, or factor it in during the sale. The point is, it doesn’t come as an unwelcome surprise to you or the buyer.

Getting a pre-sale home inspection is, in most cases, affordable. You’ll likely recover the cost, and then some, when you sell.